Time for a Change of PACE

Photo: Brandi and Kieran in the new PACE office.
Brandi and Kieran in the new PACE office.

The PACE team has recently expanded into a new office space on the main floor of the DDRC, and they’re already seeing lots of excitement among clients and staff: “I really like it here,” PACE client Kieran Corrigan said. “It’s nice and quiet and not as busy as [the old office].”

Both the PACE team and its clients recognized the need for another room quite some time ago. However, given the size of the building, it hadn’t been possible until now. According to Shannon Mills, PACE Team Leader, the new office is a positive move because it shows that the DDRC values its staff and clients. “Our team is growing and we really needed more space,” Shannon explained. “We now have 52 clients and more than 20 PACE staff; we were overflowing into the hallways!”

With its six computers and white board, the room has a classroom-like feel to it. Currently, both PACE rooms are being used by the whole team. The client’s goals help determine which space they will use. “The extra computers will help me apply for different jobs. I’m also working on my writing, math, and resume writing,” Kieran said.

Eventually, the PACE team plans to run courses and training in the new space. “It will be geared towards [the PACE] population and age group,” Shannon said. “The courses and training will develop the skills and positive relationships our clients are looking for.”

Though they’re still working on adding a few personal touches, both clients and staff are thrilled with the new room and its potential: “I like the new space. I love that it has a window,” Brandi Russell, a PACE Community Resource Worker, said. “I think that coming down [here] is a good way to refresh everyone and help them focus on their goals.”