Computer Literacy Course comes to DDRC

The DDRC has partnered with Bow Valley College to introduce a computer literacy course to the our clients this fall, and we were thrilled to host a launch celebration in September!

The 12-week course focuses on supporting clients with relevant goals, such as finding community employment. Three Community Resource Workers from the PACE team act as facilitators, making sure learners are comfortable with the concepts taught by a Bow Valley College instructor.

Topics covered include basic computer functions, using the Internet, digital literacy, online safety, and commonly used computer programs. Learners are also shown how computer skills can help them with employment – searching for a job, writing a cover letter and résumé, applying for a job by email, and more.

Bow Valley College’s Bernice Gowan believes that clients will benefit from being part of an organization that is “literacy friendly.”

“Literacy is about belonging. It’s important at home, at work, and in the community,” Gowan said.