Meet Our Team Leaders: Cassandra Therens

The DDRC’s Career and Leisure Services (CLS) program provides part-time and full-time support to adults with developmental disabilities in their home communities. Each CLS client belongs to a community team, determined the area of the city that they live in. Clients are paired up with a Community Resource Worker who assists them to reach their goals and live inclusively in a number of ways:

  • teaching them how to find and apply for the jobs they want,
  • supporting them during paid or unpaid work experiences and during paid employment when required,
  • assisting them to find and access inclusive educational courses in the community,
  • assisting with volunteer opportunities to contribute to their communities, or
  • supporting clients to attend inclusive leisure activities in their communities to build relationships with community members and neighbours, maintaining or increasing a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Currently, there are 4 community teams stationed in different parts of the city: Northwest, Northeast, Central, and South. Behind each of these teams is a Team Leader: a DDRC employee who is responsible for overseeing client safety, ensuring that client goals are met, and managing the team of front-line staff who work one-on-one with our clients.

We thought it was time that you get to know the individuals behind the teams; here’s a short Q&A with Northeast Team Leader, Cassandra Therens.

NE Team Leader Cassandra Therens
NE Team Leader Cassandra Therens

How long have you been with the DDRC?
One year and eight months.

What made you want to work here?
Well, when I decided that I was going to look for new employment, I knew I didn’t want to work just anywhere. I did my research on the agencies here in Calgary, and the DDRC’s core values are similar to my own so it seemed like a great fit, and it has been!

What is the best part of being a Team Leader?
The best part is definitely being able to watch our clients succeed and reach their goals.

Can you share a recent client success story for the Northeast Team?
We’ve recently had 2 clients obtain volunteer placements at Funny Fest!

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?
Buy a house in the country.

Northeast Team Leader Cassandra Therens (left) volunteering at the 2013 Vipond Charity Golf Tournament.


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